Our Branding Services

Embracing “The power of building your brand”, we work with you to unlock the mystery of your brand and bring your vision to life.

Our strategy-oriented approach, combined with our expertise in the art of branding, has led us to develop a holistic solution. This solution serves as your guide through every aspect of business, offering active support and guidance for your decision-making processes.

The scope of our solutions is shaped by the following services:

Your Brand's Reputation

Brand Audit

Ensuring a solid foundation is crucial. Before we initiate the creation of a new brand or undertake a rebranding, we conduct a thorough examination of your business's existing assets. This audit is especially critical when facing a rebranding project.

Brand Strategy

The brand strategy stands at the heart of your business, acting as a structured intellect that evolves your business from a mere entity into one with clear objectives and purpose. It imbues your business with personality, effectively transforming it into a dynamic entity capable of thinking, decision-making, and taking action.

Brand Naming

Choosing a brand name goes beyond simple naming; it captures your entire brand essence in a single term. This is why we utilize sophisticated naming techniques and perform extensive tests to offer a name that represents the heart of your brand. It becomes the term your audience uses to relate to the superior quality of your services and products.

Brand Verbal Identity

Language is the cornerstone of communication for all living beings. Having established its own personality, your business requires a specific language and tone for outward communication. At this stage, we craft a verbal identity that accurately defines the brand's language and tone, ensuring words not only capture the essence of your brand but also act as its powerful messengers.

Brand Visual Identity

Understanding your business's personality is just the beginning; next, you need to visualize it. Visual identity encompasses all the elements that visually represent your brand, including the logo, color palette, design system, etc.

Beyond the core components of visual identity, we recognize that businesses have diverse visual needs. To address this, we provide an extensive range of design services. These include photography, packaging design, catalog design, environmental graphics, videography, illustration, and mascot creation, ensuring all your visual communication needs are fully met.

Brand Motion Identity

Motioning your brand's visual elements boosts both attractiveness and visibility. Our approach to animated identity guarantees that the visual integrity of your brand is consistently maintained, ensuring seamless representation across all animated mediums.

Brand Sonic Identity

What sound does our newly born character story have? What impressions should resonate with the audience upon hearing this sonic representation? Our creation of the brand's sonic identity ensures that the moment its voice is heard, it vividly evokes your brand's image in the audience's mind.

Brand Scent Identity

The sense of smell is among the most powerful triggers of memories and emotions for your audience. Recognizing this, we explore the scent realm of your brand personality. We design a scent that evokes the fondest memories of your customers, creating a sensory experience where your brand presence is unmistakable.

Brand Digital Identity

In today's digital age, establishing a strong online presence is essential. A digital brand identity ensures seamless alignment between your brand's real-world image and its digital representation.

A Strategic-Based Brand And Design Studio

Typical Approach

All brand touchpoints are disorganized and confuse. Resulting in endless difficulties due to wasted time, money, and energy.

Strategic Approach

With a core that is shaped by brand strategy and visual identity guidelines, all of your customer touchpoints are aligned and consistent.

Your Brand's Reputation

Your brand is not just a beautiful logo, it’s your reputation.

Building a successful brand for your business starts with a clear strategy. Our process is different than your typical design studio. We don’t simply decorate your business, we can help you transform the way you do business. We look at our clients as our strategic partners, and so we come alongside like-minded entrepreneurs who know that their brand is more than just a pretty logo.

1. Preparing Brand Foundation

Your brand's future is your business's future and both are important to us. Therefore we take the brand creation process seriously. Before starting to develop your brand strategy, we do our homework by conducting a series of research and piling up enough data to build a solid foundation for your brand.

Briefing Meetings

Industry Research

Brand Benchmark

Interview with owners, stakeholders, and managers

2. Developing Brand Strategy

Brand strategy is the core of all the aspects of your business. Your brand will grow and thrive from this core. For your brand to be successful and reach the position it deserves in the target market, you need your brand strategy to be spot on. Our brand strategy team will work alongside you to develop the most suitable strategy for your brand.

Customer Profile Brand Promise
Brand Statement Brand Values
Brand Name Brand Character
Brand Mission Brand Archetypes
Brand Vision Brand Story
Brand Position Brand Key Messages
Brand Channels And Touchpoints

3. Designing Visual Identity

Eyes are the first contact point of humans with the world and all its beauties. Your brand is also a part of this world, why not make it more beautiful?
Therefore, it might be a wise idea to think carefully about how would you bee seen by your audience. The first contact between your brand and your possible clients will be through your brand's visual identity. It is the moment that the curtains rise and our magic will be revealed. We know too well how to rejoice your audience:

Logo Design Environmental Graphics
Logo Animation Stationary Design
Package Design Brand Visual Structure
Brand Book Design Strategy
Digital Identity

4. Developing Verbal Identity

After seeing your brand, now they will hear it. So it is better to be heard as nice as your brand looks. It must be completely aligned with your strategy.

Brand’s Theme, Tone, and Key Verbal

Brand’s Tagline

Brand’s Slogan

Writing and Speaking Guidelines

5. Creating Sonic Identity

In today's world and with developing new technologies, your brand's visual identity is not the only frontline when coming to first impressions between your brand and its clients. Therefore, letting your audience hear a unified set of sounds, voices and music would benefit your brand awareness, significantly. Creating your brand sonic identity is a vital part of our magic.

6. Setting-up And Brand Implementation

Now it's time to pull up the curtains and revealing your brand. Our magic has formed and shaped your brand. Since you have trusted us with your precious brand so far, you can trust us even further to work alongside you to implement your brand within your business.

Stakeholders On-boarding Strategy

Employee On-boarding Manual

Presenting and aligning high-level managers with the branding

Educating employees with the brand structure

Training employees about the brand structure

Teaching brand identities to technical employees

Brand Launch Campaign

7. Developing Brand Communication Strategy

After everything goes according to plan and your brand strategy, verbal, visual, and sonic identities have been revealed, it's time to think about your brand's communication strategy. We want your identities to be incredible in every encounters with your audience. We have new magics for you in our hat.

8. Brand Check-Up

Even our magic with all of its charm needs protection. As branding is not a sort of foundational business activity that you can do it once and never think about it again, therefore our brand check-up service is here to assist you in assessing the function of your brand in different channels and touchpoints and keeping it aligned with your brand strategy.

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