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  • Extreme Minimalism

    Minimalism is an ideology that has become a trend recently and has influenced many industries and even artistic mediums. Minimalism can be explained in one sentence as believing that less is more. According to minimalism, many details in a phenomenon are unnecessary, and by removing them, you can be free and peaceful.

    Minimalism in literature can be explored through writers such as Ernest Hemingway and Raymond Carver, who avoided complex literature and told their stories to their audiences in the most concise way possible. This is the reason why these authors are known as the greatest writers of world literature.

    We can best illustrate minimalism in branding through the design of Apple’s products, which is the reason this brand has users who refuse to use other brands’ products. Due to Apple’s minimal mindset, customers are unable to use other tools without feeling confused or complicated, and for this reason (along with luxury Apple products, etc.) they are dependent on the brand.

    In addition, as with anything else, minimalism can be taken to extremes and instead of making your brand stand out, it may send it to the graveyard of forgotten brands.
    Our goal in this article is to determine whether minimalism is always the best option or not. What does minimalism mean? Is it to take everything to the extreme, removing every detail, and settling for nothing more than the bare essentials?