TEDx Lavasan Brand Design

“As we go a little farther from Tehran – the chaotic, amorphous capital- and passing the winding roads, we arrive in Lavasan. We leave behind our distressed thoughts in every step on this road. There is no such noise like Tehran’s chaos in Lavasan and we can relax for a while. Lavasan feels like home for those who ran away from Tehran’s stressful daily life; It brings calmness and comfort.
TEDx Lavasan is trying to do the same; An escape from daily routine. We go far from the capital to get closer to ourselves, thinking about developing great ideas.
We believe being closer to nature can bring us the freedom to create more and make us better people.”

– From the brand story of TEDx Lavasan


At Shahrtash Studio, we have created TEDx Lavasan’s Brand DNA, including brand strategy, visual identity, verbal identity, and sonic identity.